I am taking a four-month break to further my training. I will not be available for training in Settle until January 2019.
You got a dog for fun and companionship. The dog lives in a human world and needs basic training to know the rules for everyone’s comfort and safety. Training your dog is about teaching it in a clear and effective way how to behave. Then your dog knows how to make the right decision when you give it a command rather than you having to micro-manage it.¬†Family pets are smart and need a job. ¬†Sometimes it is just being calm and staying out from under foot. The goal is balance; focus and fun.

Watch Maverick wild child to ecollar (off-leash) trained in 2 weeks. Watch as he breaks command and sits back to correct himself.

Training is a safety issue. An untrained dog can get itself hurt or worse if it doesn’t come when called. An untrained dog that is subjected to stressful situations can snap and hurt a person or another dog. A dog that knows what is expected and has a calm state-of-mind is easier to be with and is safer. I teach dogs what the best release valve is and to choose calm and obedient behavior even when there are distractions.

Think about yourself under stress, when do you snap? How do you snap? Same for your dog, except your dog barks, bites, or hides. Control the pressure your dog experiences, give your dog a way to release that pressure on its own by choosing to comply with the rules. Training does this through clear communication and setting expectations.

I combine several methods beginning with reward based and moving on to pressure-release philosophy and varied training tools all used humanely as communication devices; clicker training, prong collar for beginning directional training, high value treat to redirect distraction, electronic collar for those who want their dog trained off leash.

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